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Termites cause major damage to homes and commercial facilities across Australia. Every year they cause more than $1.5 billion in damage, which is more than that caused by fires, floods, or storms.

This pest has survived more than 250 million years and is one of the hardest to kill. In order to lower the risk of termite infestation at your property, we recommend ongoing inspections and treatment for protection and prevention.

Our subsidiary company, Cairns Termite Specialists, set the bar for termite control in the region. Our ability to implement strategies to keep your premise free from infestation and damage is unparalleled throughout North Queensland.

We provide termite management advice and assistance to building owners. We focus on inspections, prevention and treatments for all properties, and can provide scheduled services 6 or 12 monthly.

A termite report from our team is your guarantee of being fully informed on all details before you commit to purchase. We provide a quick follow-through with affordable quotes, recommendations and treatments.

You owe it to yourself to get a professional termite inspection before you commit to any property purchase. So, leave it to the experts, call our team to arrange an inspection. An after-hours service is available.

Termite Inspections

Termite inspections are recommended at 6 month or 12 month intervals.

Inspections are the surest way to avert damage before it becomes severe. We will assist you by performing regular inspections and advising on non-chemical methods of termite control.

We investigate all aspects in and around your building. Should active termites be discovered, Cairns Termite Specialists will provide recommendations and propose a treatment plan.

An inspection by Cairns Termite Specialists will verify if termite activity is present in your home. This procedure, first and foremost, ensures that all activity is located. Inspections are crucial in establishing a method of control.

At Cairns Pest Control Services, we understand the urgency of your situation, which is why we provide prompt replies and booking services. We pride ourselves on our inexpensive, reliable treatments.
Termite inspection — Termite Inspections in Edmonton, QLD


Termite Treatments

In the event of Termite or 'white ant' infestations, Cairns Termite Specialists leaves no stone unturned to control existing and prevent future threats to your property.

Our termite treatments include:

  • Physical barriers
  • Chemical barriers
  • Colony elimination systems & monitor stations
  • Nest detection & destruction—drilling trees as needed to locate nests
  • Dust treatment to workings and/or nests (transfer effect)
  • Removal of nests

We will assess each building on its own merits and use tried and tested, non-toxic treatments to rid your home or business of termites.
Termite treatments — Termite Inspections in Edmonton, QLD
Termite treatments — Termite Inspections in Edmonton, QLD


Inspection Report Recommendations

Buying an established building without first checking its condition is, of course, unthinkable.

A termite inspection is invaluable in this regard. Cairns Termite Specialists has years of experience and local knowledge. Our inspections are thorough and our report will outline any faults or potential risks for the future.

The termite inspection should be performed before a structural building inspection. If you decide not to purchase because of a termite problem, you will avoid the cost of an unrequired building inspection.
Termite treatments — Termite Inspections in Edmonton, QLD